Angie DeWilfond, our late founder, was diagnosed in August of 2007 with stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. Confused and scared about her future, Angie's husband, Todd,contacted NOCC (National
Ovarian Cancer Coalition) to find a resource for her to meet ovarian survivors and gain support
through her ordeal. Angie was also introduced to Gilda's Club in Davenport, IA by a dear friend. 
This is where she and her husband and two children, 

Madeline and Logan started to attend support meetings each week. Angie received medical treatment from the amazing and talented Dr. David Bender and the oncology staff at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. She had 5 major surgeries, several rounds of chemo and participated in a study there. 

Unfortunately, leukemia took over her body
and after months of chemotherapy, radiation, and blood transfusions Agie passed away on July 23rd, 2015 after almost 9 long years of fighting for her life.

Angie will be remembered for her fighting spirit which never wavered throughout her ordeal with
cancer. While she was fighting for her life all those years, she never asked for anything for herself. Instead, she focused on her loved ones and volunteered for everything she could that
involved her children, Maddie and Logan. Whether she was organizing sports pictures, developing sports programs or selling high school merchandise, Angie was always on the go, doing for others.

 The integrity of her life’s work has developed into another one of her dreams: establishing a
scholarship for teenagers affected by cancer in some way. CCKMA is proud to be honoring Angie
by working with Gilda’s Club with our new Cancer Kickin’ Scholarship. Angie was so proud of her
community and all it has done to support CCKMA’s cause and this is such a fantastic way for CCKMA to give back to that loving, supportive community! 

CCKMA’s humble start began in 2008 as a small get together with friends after the annual Gilda's
Fun/Run Walk. Because of such a wonderful turnout of support, Angie decided that with the
help of this great friend network, that an annual fundraiser event should be held to support
NOCC in their efforts to spread the warning symptoms and educate women about ovarian cancer. Angie wanted to share the annual CCKMA event as a day to celebrate life for all cancer survivors, their families and friends as well as to hold tribute to those we have lost to cancer. The event
has grown to include multiple fundraisers thorough out the year that support incredible organizations that were significant to Angie through her experience with cancer. To date, CCKMA has raised over $250,000 for cancer research at the University of Iowa Gynecological Research Lab. Angie felt that there can never be enough support for the research of ovarian cancer. 

Why the name CCKMA, Cancer Can Kiss My Ass? Well if you knew Angie, you would agree that
this had been her stand since her diagnosis. Another dear friend said this quote to her and it stuck like glue. This annual event has grown tremendously each year with the support of many
family, friends, survivors, area businesses, and the community. We will continue to strive to put
OVARIAN CANCER and the color TEAL on the map and help researchers find a cure!

Angie DeWilfond, CCKMA Founder

Angie DeWilfond, CCKMA Founder